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Biomedical Innovation

#Biomedical Innovation

Novel Medical Treatment Using Amplified Resonant Frequencies of Pathogens

We are surrounded by a whole variety of pathogenic organisms – mainly viruses and bacteria. Modern antibiotics are effective in some cases, but it is often a race against time before the bacterium adapts and the antibiotic becomes impotent.

It’s a war which we seem to be losing, made worse by people on drug regimes not continuing the treatment until the end of the course of medication so that some bacteria survive and become immune to the treatment. Furthermore, the …

#Biomedical Innovation

HDAC-8 Activation and Inhibition with Multiple Therapeutic Benefits

NDSU Scientists have developed a technology to activate or enhance inhibition of histone deacetylase-8 (HDAC-8). The technology is based on the ability of “activators” (N-acylthioureas) to bind directly to HDAC-8.

When provided alone, N-acylthioureas enhance normal substrate binding and have promise for treatment of Cornelia de Lang syndrome, some neuroblastomas, and other ‘smooth muscle contractility’ diseases.

When provided in combination with an HDAC-8 inhibitor, binding of N-acylthioureas to HDAC-8 strengthens the inhibitor activity. Through this mechanism, N-acylthioureas have promise in …