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Another Anti-CD20 Monoclonal in Clinical Trials

Anti-CD20 monoclonals are all the rage these days. Notwithstanding the recent adverse effects reports, Rituxan is the single most crucial discovery in the last decade for CLL patients. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the FDA will approve the next in line contender for the anti-CD20 crown HuMax-CD20.

Cripes, it takes so darn long for new inventions to go through the clinical trials and regulatory process before we can hope to see them commercially available! Sometimes we get discouraged by …

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ZAP-70 and IgVH Gene Mutation

Two prognostic indicators have become the focus of much discussion in recent months, ZAP-70 and IgVH mutation status. These two indicators, in combination with FISH analysis to pinpoint the chromosomal aberration that is at the root of the CLL, go a long way toward defining the risk category of the patient in question. We have discussed both ZAP-70 and IgVH in prior articles (What Type of CLL Do You Have?, Prognosis at Diagnosis, Prognostic Indicators).

But to tell the truth, …